Due To Gas Line Explosion In Kentucky, A Person Died

Due To Gas Line Explosion In Kentucky, A Person Died

One individual is dead in central Kentucky after a gas line ruptured and produced a fireball that could possibly be seen around the area on early Thursday.

The 30-inch gas line in Lincoln County breached around 150 ft from a mobile home park around 1:40 a.m., Don Gilliam, director of Lincoln County Emergency Management, stated on early Thursday.

One individual was killed, three have been transported to hospitals with injuries, and a minimum of six mobile homes had been affected by the fire, Gilliam stated simply before 4:30 a.m. Three mobile houses had been still burning, he mentioned.

“We still have an active scene,” Gilliam mentioned, however, added that the fire at the breach site was out.

He mentioned when he arrived, flames have been around 300 feet in the air. The emergency management company informed residents to steer clear from the Hustonville area.

Video posted to social media confirmed what seemed to be a big fireball and flames. Witnesses told NBC affiliate WLEX of Lexington that they heard a loud sound and noticed a ball of fire.

“It felt like an atomic bomb burst off,” Jerry Sankhorn informed the station.

“And I knew what it was — it was a gas line,” he mentioned.

Sue Routin informed WLEX that she was woken up by “a big roar and fire going all the way up in the sky so far as you can see.”

She stated her windows shook, and the ground seemed to move, which prompted her to get in her car and leave.