Only 800 Marketing People Are Left In Uber

Only 800 Marketing People Are Left In Uber

On Monday, Uber introduced it had laid off a third of its advertising and marketing department. In accordance with the New York Times, an internal email mentioned the group had “grown bloated.”

Now its simply 800 or so individuals.

Previously, ‘Uber’s advertising and marketing group was more than 1,200 individuals.

1,200 individuals, advertising.

At the end of last year, 22,263 people worked at Uber. Around 5 % of them used to work in advertising and marketing.

Right now, that quantity is nearer to 3.6 % (due to the layoffs).

Uber laid off about 400 individuals. They have been laid off from 75 of its more than 700 workplaces.

A few of these workplaces probably didn’t have advertising and marketing workers.

Others may need having advertising and marketing workers before, however now they ‘don’t.

Uber grew to become a public firm this year.

Its IPO was the single worst one in U.S. stock market history.

Since then, things haven’t been great, either. (It laid off a third of its advertising and marketing workers, for example.)

It’s unknown when or how Uber will ever turn out to be profitable.

Uber believes regulations and worker unrest undermine that risk, which is true.

It is usually true that each of these issues is taking place.

The average advertising and marketing supervisor at Uber makes around $69,000 per year. At ‘Uber’s scale, even 1,200 of those isn’t very much money.

However then, ‘Uber’s advertising and marketing department is now, give or take, just 800 people.