A Straight Pride Parade Is Being Planned By White Supremacists In California

A Straight Pride Parade Is Being Planned By White Supremacists In California

Christian conservatives in a California are planning a Straight Pride parade.

A flyer being shared on social media by the “National Straight Pride Coalition” is saying the Stanislaus County Straight Pride Parade/Event in Modesto on August 24.

The occasion will “rejoice heterosexuality, masculinity-femininity, babies-born and unborn, Western civilization, our wonderful nation, Christianity.”

The group’s web site decries the “inherent malevolency/evil of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement,” which is attacking “Western Civilization,” which they outline as “West is Best.” In addition, they say that Christianity is below attack by “Humanism/Satanism.”

The web site additionally says that the white race is “the mass majority biological racial element of the builders of Western Civilization” and that Christianity is “the religious foundation” of Western Civilization.

These concepts – whiteness, heterosexuality, Christianity, and Western Civilization – are described as having an “inherent superiority” and are “below unprecedented, sustained, and coordinated attack inside our society, culture, and nation.”

“We, therefore, appealing to God for all of our wants on this great endeavor, invite all individuals of goodwill to join us in the protection of our current and future generations in The War which is upon us,” the web site says.

The town of Modesto has been requested to supply a permit for his or her parade, stirring up controversy within the California city.

“We’ve been getting letters, emails, feedback, and phone calls all day about it,” council member Kristi Ah You told CBS.

She mentioned that the permit would most likely not be granted as a result of the parade would represent hate speech.