Switch Joy-Cons Will Be Repaired For Free By Nintendo For Drift Issue

Switch Joy-Cons Will Be Repaired For Free By Nintendo For Drift Issue

Nintendo has reportedly instructed buyer support representatives to supply free Joy-Con repairs with “drift” issues at no cost. Based on an internal memo obtained by Vice, the gaming giant has informed support reps not to charge clients for Joy-Con repairs if the controllers are manifesting the infamous drifting behavior that causes them to move things on the display screen on their own. They had been even informed that it is not essential to request for proof of buy — they’ll take customers at their word. As well as, Nintendo has apparently suggested representatives to problem refunds in the event that they previously paid for a Joy-Con repair, which usually costs $40 or so.

Vice received the memo from somebody familiar with Nintendo’s updated buyer support documentation.

The corporate did not verify the memo to the publication. However, Vice was able to test the new directives out. Upon calling Nintendo to help a few units with drifting Joy-Cons, the publication was instructed to replace the system’s software program and call back if the behavior repeated. It did, just some minutes later. Vice stated it did not get any pushback the second time and was informed that the corporate would ship the defective Joy-Con’s owner a pre-paid shipping label, so they may send the controllers in for repair.

The Joy-Con drift is probably the most typical drawback with the Nintendo Switch consoles. Items affected by the problem may also be fairly powerful to manage, other than shifting things on their own.

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