Bianca Devins Was Killed By Her Own Boyfriend

The upstate man accused of killing teenage social media sensation Bianca Devins has been formally charged along with her murder, based on police officers.

Brandon Andrew Clark, 21, of Cicero, allegedly slit Devins’ throat after which posted a photo of her lifeless body on Instagram — where it remained for almost a day before being removed.

Authorities charged him with second-degree murder on Monday evening — a class A-1 felony offense. He’ll face up to 25 years behind bars if convicted.

Clark slit his own throat after allegedly taking Devins’ life, cops stated, whereas standing in front of responding officers. He then laid down on top of her body and took “self-photographs” or selfies with the dead 17-year-old, in response to police.

“Different officers arrived within moments, and collectively they engaged [Clark],” cops mentioned in a press release. “They have been able to disarm the male, and after a brief struggle, they took him into custody.”

Clark and Devins had been stated to have been dating for roughly two months after meeting online. They attended a live performance in Queens on Saturday evening and allegedly got into an argument at the show. Police believe the pair then drove back to Utica, where investigators say Clark killed her on a side street after pulling over.

Cops mentioned they charged Clark after conducting interviews with him. He was arraigned on Monday evening on the murder charge and was being held within the Oneida County Correctional Facility after undergoing surgery for his wounds.

“His accidents had been severe,” cops mentioned. “However, he’s expected to survive.”

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