The Workers Of Amazon Warehouse Goes On Strike Right At The Prime Day

The Workers Of Amazon Warehouse Goes On Strike Right At The Prime Day

Warehouse employees at an Amazon Fulfillment center in Minnesota are going on a six-hour strike on Monday, overlapping their morning and night shifts, in keeping with a report by the Daily Beast. The workers are striking in protest of their working situations.

The warehouse staff states that despite earlier complaints, Jeff Bezos has created unsafe surroundings on account of rushing up the pace of their work to an unreasonably excessive rate, amongst different allegations.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) expressed her support of the protest in a tweet on Monday.

Based on a press release from the group Amazon Workers for Climate Justice, some Amazon workers are even traveling from Seattle — where the corporate is headquartered — to take part in the protest.

The Monday protest is the newest in a series of disputes that the e-commerce giant has had with its warehouse employees. The corporate has just lately been hit with a number of wrongful termination lawsuits by female employees claiming they have been fired after getting pregnant. Amazon workers have additionally alleged that the company terminates staff for taking too many restroom breaks.

The report added that while the Minnesota protest represents the first Amazon Prime Day strike in the USA, staff in Europe have staged the identical protests on Prime Day in the past.

Amazon “Prime Day” is a worldwide two-day sale for thousands of products on the company’s web site, which — among other perks — provides free shipping for online orders for purchasers who’re a part of the “Amazon Prime” membership program.