The Children Of Australia Steal A Car And Drive 900km

The Children Of Australia Steal A Car And Drive 900km

The three boys and a girl – all aged 10-14 – had been found secure within the New South Wales town of Grafton on Sunday.

They’d left Gracemere, in Queensland, someday earlier in the weekend. One boy reportedly wrote a note to his family to say he was leaving.

Police stated they might lay charges, however, didn’t specify which of them

The kids weren’t all from the same family and had stolen the 4×4 from certainly one of their parents, authorities mentioned.

Early on Sunday, about 140km into their journey, the group stopped at a service station within the town of Banana and allegedly stole petrol.

A worker there informed Sydney’s Daily Telegraph that security video had shown the vehicle driving in “like normal” before somebody received out to refill.

“He’s actually short. Look he barely even reaches the window,” the service station attendant stated.

Later that day, police noticed the car in Glen Innes – a city close to Grafton – and started pursuing it. However, officers stopped the chase as a result of concerns about the driver’s age.

The car was later noticed on the side of a road in Grafton, based on Insp Darren Williams from New South Wales Police.

“The children secured themselves in the car and police have had to use a baton to get into the car to arrest them,” he mentioned, reported the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Insp Williams stated the group had most probably shared the driving. A non-stop journey between Gracemere and Grafton would usually take about 10 hours.