Famous Beaches Were Closed Due To Heavy Floods

Famous Beaches Were Closed Due To Heavy Floods

More than 80,000 gallons of sewer overflow spilled into the streets of Mobile because of Hurricane Barry, in response to the Mobile Area Water & Sewer System.

The system “skilled a number of sanitary sewers overflows because of the heavy rain and flooding” on July 13, the agency mentioned in a press release. The overflows had stopped by Sunday morning.

However, Dr. Bernard Eichold, health officer for the Mobile County Health Department, suggested residents take precautions around standing water, which might include sewage.

Additional precautions are advisable within the areas of Three Mile Creek, Eslava Creek, and Miller Creek.

“All seafood harvested in these waters must be totally cooked before consuming,” in response to the press release. “Individuals should wash hands after cleaning seafood and before preparing food.”

Areas that noticed the most sewer overflow included Eslava Creek at Demouy Avenue and Murray Street, and on Westwood Street.

Barry grew to become the season’s first hurricane when it made landfall in Louisiana over the weekend as a Category 1. Heavy rains and flooding closed roads in Mobile County, and popular seashores including Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Panama City, and Destin have been closed.

Sunday morning introduced calm; cruise ships and different visitors started returning to the Port of Mobile. However many common beaches stay closed, including Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.