#IceCreamChallenge Is Ruining Ice Cream For Everyone

#IceCreamChallenge Is Ruining Ice Cream For Everyone

The most recent internet sensation proves we simply cannot have good things.

In case you missed last week’s internet drama, a video of a lady licking a container of Blue Bell ice cream in a shop and putting it back in the freezer went viral, and drove a new “challenge.”

Unlike different internet challenges, that are most frequently fun activities and generally raise awareness for a cause, the Ice Cream Challenge that inspired individuals to violate ice cream in numerous methods has shifted to checking to verify another individual hasn’t messed with the frozen dessert you’re about to purchase. Customers are taking to Twitter using the hashtag #icecreamchallenge to point out how their ice cream-buying habits have changed. Sadly, others are using it as an inspiration to mess with ice cream in shops and then put it back on the shelf. In reply, some shops have taken drastic measures to ensure their ice cream is protected from individuals who have no idea how to behave themselves. In case you’re considering of becoming a member of in on the…um…” fun,” ensure you purchase the ice cream first as a result of the original lady who inspired this mess may now bare up to 20 years in prison. But additionally, maybe America ought to follow the lead of our friends overseas and put a plastic covering on the ice cream containers.

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