Watch Netflix Without Getting Caught During Work

Watch Netflix Without Getting Caught During Work

The brand new season of Stranger Things has just been launched. You might be inordinately excited to have the ability to meet up with your favorite children from Hawkins, Ind. You weren’t able to binge the entire thing over the Fourth of July weekend. As a result, of…life. You’ve been wanting to catch up. However, you’re unable to since you’re actually at work on a regular basis. And now you’re affected by large FOMO as a result of it’s important to keep away from spoilers and lunch conversations about it for the foreseeable future until you catch up.

Created by MSCHF Internet Studios, the Netflix Hangouts extension is designed to make watching Netflix in plain sight — particularly in a business setting — as seamless and as simple as possible. To access it, you first have to add the extension. As soon as that’s finished and also you’re ready to watch, open a Chrome browser and then go to Netflix. Choose the show (maybe The Office or Friends earlier than they leave the streaming service!) or film you need to watch, hit play, after which click on the Netflix Hangouts extension in your browser menu. The expansion will produce a phony, four-way conference call comprised of three imposter colleagues and your show/film of choice.

It’s good, actually. So good that it simply might work — unless of course, your boss is in fact caught up on Stranger Things and is aware of exactly what the back of Steve Harrington’s head seems like. Or they clearly discover that the other three folks you’re speaking to don’t even go here.

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