In 1994 A Man Bitten By Shark Gets Rid Of The Tooth Which Was Punched In His Foot

 In 1994 A Man Bitten By Shark Gets Rid Of The Tooth Which Was Punched In His Foot

Jeff Weakley was surfing at the coast of Florida’s Flagler Beach when a shark bit him. He survived the calamity however not without shedding some blood because then-unidentified shark punched its tooth into his foot before the two parted ways.

Weakley cannot determine the shark at the time and assumed he’d never know what species had tried to make lunch out of him. That’s until a tiny parting present from the shark appeared almost 25 years later. A tooth piece which had damaged off in the surfer’s foot discovered its way to the surface and provided Weakley a shot at answering the query that bit him for over 20 years.

Because the Florida Museum of Natural History studies, Weakley didn’t know what to do with the tooth piece that pushed its way out of his foot. At first, he had decided to make a pendant out of it, however when he got here throughout an article that explained how scientists might remove DNA from shark tooth to recognize the class it belonged to, he reached out and requested if they might do the same with the tooth he’d been unconsciously carrying around for 24 years.

Weakley, who mentioned he was “very excited” concerning the prospect of figuring out the shark that bit him, despatched it in for analysis. The tiny chunk of the tooth was so small that researchers from the Florida Program for Shark Research had been suspicious that they may harvest sufficient DNA for identification.

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