The AFIP denied that there will be changes in the form of liquidation of grains

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) denied the possibility of changes in the system of liquidation of exported grains, something that the president of Banco Nación, Javier González Fraga, had suggested in an interview with the Bloomberg agency.

The owner of the Nation had told the journalist Ignacio Olivera Doll that he was looking for a mechanism “more direct than the current one, so that the producer (of soybean / maize) can collect his harvest in dollars, instead of receiving pesos”, and he had added: “It would be necessary to change systems of the Afip so that this is possible”.

But from AFIP clarified that “the version of a change in the return to producers is false, it will not be returned in dollars instead of pesos, as circulated in the sector.”

“The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) denies that it will implement a change in the currency of settlement of grain operations.” Versus the versions circulated in recent days, the agency ratifies that the current liquidation scheme will be maintained In national currency, it should be remembered that the liquidations of grain are developed electronically and are based on general resolutions N ° 3419/2012 and 3690/2014, “the agency reported.