Fine of $ 120 million to Edesur for problems in the attention of users

The National Regulator of Electricity (ENRE) fined Edesur $ 120 million. The penalty is for “breaching the quality parameters of the concession contract for commercial offices.” The inspection body carried out inspections between January and June 2018, in which it detected “faults”.

Edesur must deposit the fine of $ 120 million within the ten administrative tasks from the resolution, which was published on Tuesday.

National Regulator of Electricity (ENRE) by on Scribd

“In addition, the borrower must credit the amount to the active users, as established by resolution ENRE 171/2000,” the agency reported.

According to the regulator, the sanction will be divided among active clients. As it is about 2.5 million, each household should receive a compensation of around $ 50.

Most customer complaints in Edesur have to do with billing. According to different accounts, the bills reflect consumption estimates that may end up differing from the final real demand of those households. It is assumed that, in that case, the distributor must make the corresponding return if the estimate was incorrect.

However, according to Clarín, on several occasions, the lines to enter the Edesur offices were long, with wait, and in the regulatory entity -ENRE- they also observed the situation. Many of the users who complained about not receiving the expected attention decided to call the ENRE or appear in that entity. There they were told that they themselves were also surprised at the number of complaints that there were for billing. Although there were so many for Edesur as for Edenor, the first one was leading the criticism, according to users.

The resolution that establishes the sanction was published today, and it is number 59/2019. “The Board of Directors of the National Electricity Regulatory Entity (ENRE) will apply a fine in pesos equivalent to 30,675,000 kWh, responding to the faults that Ente personnel observed in the course of inspections carried out between January and June 2018,” said the agency. ,

Claims for billing problems are usually a constant of summer or warm months, and users end up claiming for that period. However, in 2018, there was also annoyance of the users for the winter tickets, at which time the electricity consumption also intensifies. The ENRE has not decided anything yet, but is investigating it.

“We are trying a whole process of digitalization for our customers, putting terminals of higher technology for self-management, to facilitate that clients do not have to move towards commercial customers, we enable digital channels (cell phones, app, social networks). of buildings and commercial offices to modernize, so that the employees of the company as well as the clients have a bigger environment equipped with more technology “, answered Edesur spokesmen in front of the fine.

The control of the concessions of Edesur and Edenor was low the orbit of the national State, like a legacy of the ex-state Segba. From this year, the jurisdiction changes and those distributors will be monitored by the city of Buenos Aires and the province of Buenos Aires, which is its area of ​​operation.